Better sleep: Addiction disrupts normal bodily function, including circadian rhythms. However, a regular fitness routine returns your body to its natural flow, which in turn restores your normal sleep cycles. You’ll get better rest which will help with every aspect of your body’s daily function.

Heals your mind and body: Research shows that regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, other forms of cancer, and boosts immunity for a strong immune system.

Exercise relieves and reduces stress: Who hasn’t felt like life is a roller-coaster of emotions? A workout routine can be your time and place to weather difficult times and release the pressures of daily life. It’s a proactive way of coping with all the stuff life throws at you.

Exercise is “meditation in motion”: Research from the Mayo Clinic shows that by concentrating on physical activity, we can experience the psychological and emotional benefits of meditation as well as develop a stronger ability to focus our thoughts.

Exercise improves your outlook: Those who exercise regularly report increased feelings of self-confidence and optimism and reduced feelings of depression and anxiety.