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Meet the Noble family: Tiffany, her husband Sesco, and their two sons.

They were among the first members to join and have added their 2 sons to the membership. With her permission to share her personal story, Tiffany shared her compelling testimony of her life of addiction, the destruction of her own life, her marriage and relationships with her sons, and then her journey of recovery and restoration. She traveled a hard road of recovery but found love with Sesco, is obtaining her GED, and is repairing her relationships with her sons. She spoke of how this has impacted her sons. She stated they suffer from depression, anxiety, trust issues and generally withdrawing. She shared that by them joining Intrepid Phoenix along with her and Sesco, and going to the gym to work out, that this is therapeutic for them and helps them tremendously.

What does the gym mean to me? It means everything to me. It had helped me physically and mentally these last few months. I've grown so much as a person and found so many new passions being in this gym. What has the gym done for me? It's opened new doorways for my future. It's helped me grow confidence like no other. It has also improved my overall health, which in turn benefits everything. I love working out. I'm glad I get to do it with this program!

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